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Goldy looked down to see another man, huge and hairy, at the base of the bed. Diego never had a green thumb. You were so horny, you thought you might burst. Chris Evans was giving him a blow job. The thought of it—of being just as big and sexy and scary as him—sent you to another plane of reality.

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His cum gutters had turned to love handles, his solid abs to hard globs of fat.

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My Own Private Locker Room

The water was starting to turn cold again, so he turned off the shower, dabbed himself with a towel, and jumped onto the bed. He felt power surge through his arms, down his legs, and even through his dick, which got hard in his sweaty pants. Slowly but surely, the water turned from ice cold to piping hot, and Goldy closed his eyes as he let the water cascade down his warn pecs, his chiseled abs, and over his gradually elongating cock. Who knows what the lake will have in store for you next….

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