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And don't forget about your good habits, either. Gambling: This habit can be a big problem for Sagittarius, and Lang says, and it may even turn into an addiction. If you think your habits could use an overhaul, take this moment to rethink ways to take better care of yourself. Getting distracted: Everyone gets distracted, but Lang says this habit is often a big problem for Gemini. Offering unsolicited advice: This can come off as criticism, Lang says, so be careful with how and when you offer advice. Procrastinating: Virgos are often so worried about doing everything right, Lang says, that it can occasionally lead to procrastination. Twirling their hair: Aries often has an obsession with hair, Lang says, and that can lead to a hair twirling habit.

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drunk thots

They are optimistic and help you always see the glass as half full.

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Drunk of the Week

That's fine in general, but it can make getting things accomplished a little bit difficult. This article was originally published on Dec 13, And don't forget about your good habits, either. Not committing: Pisces aren't big into making promises, but even if they do, Allen says they tend to break them.

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