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I want you to hold it all in and just deal with it. For many, the very heart of conflicts around masturbation has to do with hurt feelings and even jealousy. See also: 8 ways you never knew you could masturbate. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Considering all the positive benefits from masturbation, couples should be encouraging all parties to masturbate! Masturbate for your partner. It makes people feel happy and sexy.

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Emmy. Age: 24.
wife masturbation hidden

Disappointed, Samuel realized this was now the third time in a month Katie had taken matters into her own hands or, in this case, her own vibrator before coming over.

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Aurelia. Age: 28.
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It makes people feel happy and sexy. It makes people all gooey-eyed and romantic. And yet, many couples report that masturbation in a relationship is still an uncomfortable topic to broach. Masturbate for your partner.

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