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Sugar and her team panicked because the series was going to be very different from the pilot episode. For the film, see Steven Universe: The Movie. Levin said if the pilot tried to present Gem history in five minutes, the audience and protagonist would be equally confused. In drawing the characters for each episode, the crew has two weeks to make modifications. LGBT children deserve to see the prospect of love for themselves in the characters with whom they identify—the ideal of fulfilling partnership and true love, established as the thing to aspire to by generations of Disney cartoons , extended to all. After further discussion and questions about the writing, an idea becomes an episode.

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In her view, queer youth deserve to see themselves in stories as much as other children—and, given pervasive heteronormativity , not allowing them to do so can be harmful.

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Critics have praised the "breathtaking beauty", [] "intriguing, immersive environments" [] and "loveably goofy aesthetic" [] of Steven Universe ' s art; writing highly of its distinctive, soft pastel backgrounds [] and its "gorgeous, expressive, clean animation". On December 4, , Brawlhalla , a free-to-play fighting game, added Steven Universe characters. In the episode, Uncle Grandpa helps Steven use his Gem powers when he cannot summon his shield.

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