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His nuclear family is a train wreck, and he gets adopted by a pedophile that runs a terrorist camp. Aruto's sister Kiraha gets wrapped up in this after they meet another bunny girl suspiciously named Arisu Arisugawa, and most of the show's runtime pushes Aruto ending up with Arisu instead of his needy sister. Kagihime Monogatari - Eikyuu Alice Rondo While the manga was brought over here legally, I can't vouch if it concludes the same way as the unlicensed anime series. Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown Feb 5, 5 comments. Unfortunately, they soon find out that they're siblings and both have to reconcile the feelings they have for one another.

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The ending decides to "nope" right out of that scenario, as Aruto finally admits that he reciprocates Kiraha's romantic feelings, and Arisu was just conjured up from his imagination to divert them.

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His twin sister is also attracted to her best friend, who she tries to coerce into a relationship with Sora since she doesn't know about what's going on in the house. Koi Kaze is often regarded in fan circles as the series that treats this taboo topic with the most respect to create a compelling drama. The adaptation of this two-decade old manga shows that old dogs can learn new tricks--if those tricks are diving into the brains of the traumatized and building a playground. Supposedly there's a lost third book that takes place after Through the Looking Glass , and bunny warrior girls are battling one another to collect the pages hidden within themselves to have their wish granted.

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