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Braga alluded to some episodes of TNG and one DS9 episode featuring Dax as dealing with non-heterosexuality metaphorically. Archived from the original on July 2, The series has included some gay crew members. It's one thing to cast a subordinate black, Asian, or woman, but to put them in a leading role means the solid endorsement of one of the largest studios in the world. Retrieved September 13,

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star trek sex comics

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Y'know, we had blacks, Asians, we even had a handicapped character--and so I thought, this is now beginning to look a bit absurd. Gerrold has stated that while many of the TNG cast and crew including Roddenberry were supportive of the storyline, the script's positive depiction of an openly gay couple met stiff opposition from the studio and the script never made it into production. When the affair between Riker and Soren is discovered, the J'naii force Soren to undergo "psychotectic" therapy.

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