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From the late 60s on, filmmakers could expect an R-rating for most examples of female nudity and breast-fondling, but X-ratings for oral sex and other explicit sex acts or depictions. The first theatrically-released, hard-core fictional feature was the sound-synchronized 16 mm. This hour-long film ushered in the age of 'nudie-cutie' films. All of these films were regarded as 'legitimate' with movie-goers. Breedlove's Max Gardens castle similar to the Frankenstein films to find the perfect female specimen for a race of servants - where he was introduced to a trio of gyrating buxom strippers in the laboratory. A new voluntary or advisory ratings system was established in , initially with four uniform ratings categories to be enforced by distributors and exhibitors including movie theaters :.

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Gerard Damiano's low-budget "porn chic" film Deep Throat , the first successful hard-core pornographic film seen by mainstream America was the most profitable and widely-played hard-core sex film in history.

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They seemed to focus almost entirely on well-endowed, curvaceous, take-charge Amazonian women with large breasts and slim waists in accidentally-funny, trashy, tasteless and often violent films. The first gay-friendly independent film with homoerotic content, the gay frontier romance Song of the Loon , was released with the tagline: "Curious? Splatter films emerged, such as the blood-dripping, splatter film offerings of the "Godfather of Gore" Herschell Gordon Lewis the first 'gore' film Blood Feast and Maniacs

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